Electrical Services

Let our Member Services Department help you with your electrical needs with anything from stray voltage investigations to high usage concerns.

Stray Voltage Investigations

If you suspect a problem with stray voltage, contact the Member Services Department at Minnesota Valley. We will send a crew to your location to find out if a problem exists and make recommendations to remedy the situation.

Energy Audits

Energy audits are conducted for members at no charge and are usually done for two reasons.

  • To help you find cost-effective measures for improving the energy efficiency of your home or building.
  • To determine heat loss or gain of a home or building which is required for sizing a heating or cooling system.

Electrical Planning

Electrical planning and application assistance is provided at no charge to members. This can include such things as planning the wiring layout for a residence or other building, heating system and lighting system.

High Usage Concerns

Minnesota Valley's Member Services Department will help you understand reasons for high energy use or help you find the cause of it. We will check over your daily energy use history, send a technician out to your premises to help locate high usage equipment or problem. You can also pick up a test meter from the office to use at home to locate a problem appliance on your own.

Environmental Monitoring Systems

Minnesota Valley offers environmental monitoring and the associated equipment to members. We sell and install the associated equipment to members to monitor power, temperature, motion, water intrusion and fire. We can order many different types of equipment, depending on the application. Livestock confinements can have special systems installed to monitor power and temperature in controlled environments.