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Minnesota Valley has loans available to qualified members for weatherization, installation of electric heating or cooling equipment and wiring upgrades.

Member Loans SAVE

Loan Funds can be used for the purchase and labor on installation of any type of electric heating system or central air conditioner from Minnesota Valley or the contractor of your choice. You can borrow up to $15,000 at 5% interest for a maximum of 7 years for this purpose.  You can borrow up to $2,000 at 0% interest for the installation of a Marathon Water Heater.  There will be a $50 loan origination fee assessed for any water heater loan.

  • Unsecured loans $500-$2,000- 1 year term
  • Secured loans $500-$5,000- 3 years
  • Secured loans $5,001-$10,000- 5 years
  • Secured loans $10,001-$15,000 – 7 years

Credit Application Form

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Water Heater Loan Program

Minnesota Valley offers a 12 month, 0% interest payment plan to cover materials and labor for Water Heaters. The loan has a $50 origination fee that is assessed on the first loan payment. Approval of the loan would be based on payment history with the cooperative and would not need a credit check. Loan are subject to a 1.5% penalty for any late payments. 

Water Heater Purchase Agreement Application

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Member Service Contact Information

Scott Kubesh, Member Services Manager