Employees and Board Members

Board Members

Don Fernholz - District 1

Steve Norman - District 4

Wayne Peltier - District 7

Gary Groothuis - District 2

Darryl Bursack - District 5

Steve Torvik - Attorney

Mark Peterson - District 3

Tim Velde - District 6

Pat Carruth - General Manager

Administrative Services

Back Row: Bob Walsh, Member Service Manager; Jill Sand, Executive Assistant;

Candice Jaenisch, Office Manager

Front Row: Pat Carruth, General Manager; John Williamson, Manager of Engineering

Engineering and Operations

Front row: Brandon Bjelland, Substation/Apparatus Technician; Mark Sweno, Custodian; Scott Monson, Mechanic

Back row: Bob Kratz, System Coordinator; Stacey Boike, Operations Assistant; Don Snell, IT/Communications Technician

Front row: Eric Landmark, Journeyman; Blake Lymburner, Journeyman; Mitch Christensen, Apprentice Lineman

Middle Row: Trevor Diggins, Journeyman; Eric Wollschlager, Journeyman; Kent Smith, Journeyman; James Hughes, Journeyman

Back Row: Andy Johnson, Journeyman; Dave Dieter, Journeyman; Loyd Canatsey, Journeyman; Joe Schultz, Journeyman

Member Services

Back: Jerrad Perkins, Member Services Technician

Middle: Scott Kubesh, Member Services Technician; Duane O’Malley, Member Services Representative

Front: Mark Johnson, Member Services Representative

Office Services

L to R: Tracie Peterson, Consumer Accounts Representative; Lacey Wintz, Accountant; Jill Strand, Consumer Accounts Representative