Operation Round Up

Q&A Operation Roundup

How does it work? Operation Round Up is a Trust Fund set up separately from all other Minnesota Valley business and is used solely for the purpose of helping organizations, service groups, projects and families in our service territory. Any member who wishes to participate will have their electric bill rounded up to the next highest dollar each month. For example, if your actual electric bill is $72.40, we will round it up to $73.00 and the extra 60¢ goes into the Operation Round Up Trust Fund.

How much will I contribute? With this method of donating, the average annual contribution from a member who participates is $6.00. The most a member could contribute in a year would be 99¢ per month, or $11.88 per year. Contributions are tax deductible. You may withdraw from the program at any time simply by notifying Minnesota Valley. All Minnesota Valley employees contribute to the fund by having their payroll checks rounded down once a month.

Who administers the fund? To oversee the Trust Fund, a board of Minnesota Valley members has been appointed by the cooperative's Board of Directors. Each district is represented by one member on the Operation Round Up Trust Board with one regular Board member also being on the Trust Board. These eight members meet quarterly to review applications for funding on an individual basis and make decisions on distributing the money in the fund.

What can the money be used for? Money in the fund has been used to support such programs as: firefighting equipment for volunteer fire departments; lifesaving and communication equipment for ambulance crews, rescue squads or first responders; hospice programs; respite care, transportation needs and other necessary support for families who have a member with a disability; education scholarships; educational seminars; youth programs; Toys for Tots and similar programs; emergency energy assistance; recovery after natural disasters; clothing, shelter and medical services for families or individuals following an accident, storm, medical situation or other emergency.

How does someone get an application? If you know of someone, a group or organization who would benefit from Operation Round Up funds, you can get an application by downloading it from this website page at the bottom of the page; by calling Minnesota Valley at 269-2163 or 1-800-247-5051; or request by mail to Minnesota Valley R.E.C., P.O. Box 248, Montevideo, MN 56265.

Why should I participate? Operation Round Up is a unique opportunity for you to provide financial assistance to worthwhile projects, programs and people in our surrounding communities. Pennies donated by you each month become significant when added to the pennies donated by your fellow members. Please join in helping Minnesota Valley help our area communities. To begin participating, simply call the office at 320.269.2163 or 1.800.247.5051 or send a note with your next energy payment telling us you want to be a part of Operation Round Up.

An added bonus: If you are a participant in Operation Round Up and you find your location number hidden in the monthly issue of the Minnesota Valley Co-op News, you will be awarded a $20 credit on your energy bill instead of the usual $10.

Application Documents

Cover Letter Individual or Family Organization

Application for Donation for Individual and/or Family

Application for Donation for Organization or Agency