District Caucus Meetings

District Caucus Meetings

Those of you in Districts 1 and 3 will be holding your Caucus Meetings next month in Madison and Dawson, respectively. Dates and times are listed below. You will also be getting a notice by postcard. If you have never been to one of these, I hope you can take time to attend this year. Caucus Meetings are where you, as owners, nominate people to represent you on the Cooperative Board. This is where member representation starts. Members nominated at the Caucus Meeting have their names put on the ballot for vote at the Annual Meeting on Saturday, March 21. This year’s Annual Meeting will be held at the Lac qui Parle Valley High School. We will also have staff at these meetings to discuss issues that you may want to visit about. If that isn’t enough, we will be serving a light lunch, drawing for door prizes and a Basin Tour Trip at each meeting. Hope to see you there!

2015 Caucus Meetings

Caucus Meetings • Thursday, February 5th

District 1: Glen Klefsaas - 10:30 AM, Madison VFW

District 3: Mark Peterson - 1:30 PM, Dawson City Hall