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Minnesota Valley now has a Facebook page!!

Social media started out as the latest trend and has bloomed into becoming a large part of how society communicates. People are not only connecting with friends and family on social media, but also businesses. We have received feedback from members and employees looking for a social media presence from Minnesota Valley. This feedback led us to start looking into how we could provide this to our membership. After deciding to implement a social media strategy, we researched numerous different social media platforms and how other businesses were already utilizing them. We had the opportunity to meet with another electric cooperative to discuss how they operated their social media presence. After doing our research, Facebook was the obvious choice to start our social media presence.

Minnesota Valley is excited to announce that on September 16th, we will be launching an official Facebook page. As of June 2015, Facebook has more than 1.44 billion users. In 2014, 71% of adult internet users had a Facebook account. Facebook will provide a platform to quickly and directly connect with our members. We hope to use our Facebook page to build relationships and trust between our organization and the members we serve. This page will give consumers a voice and encourage two-way communication between the co-op and the people interested in Minnesota Valley. We will use social media to educate (share news), listen (seek feedback) and engage (create conversations).

The success of the page will rely on having an engaged membership. Your interaction with the page will help us understand how we can better serve our members. You will be able to find our page by searching for Minnesota Valley Cooperative Light and Power Association in the search bar of Facebook. Please “like” our page to make sure you get our updates showing up on your timeline. Also, we urge people to share our page and posts to be able to reach as many people as possible. Your feedback will be appreciated. Please read over the Page Policy (located on the Facebook page) before making any comments. This page will only be updated during normal business hours. If you need assistance, please continue to call our office.

We look forward to this new venture and hope it will serve as a benefit to our members, employees and the communities we serve. Open communication with our members aligns with cooperative principles and Facebook will help foster increased communication. Be sure to call if you have any questions on the page or need assistance finding it.